Definition of private practice in English:

private practice


mass noun
  • 1The work of a professional practitioner such as a doctor or lawyer who is self-employed.

    • ‘Since 1970 he has been in private practice as a building surveyor.’
    • ‘This also would cover revealing the details of treatment sufficiently to sue for fees in private practice.’
    • ‘He indicates that in a solicitor's firm in private practice the sort of ratio between salary and overall cost to a firm of a solicitor is between two and two and a half times.’
    • ‘She interviewed four male and four female middle-aged lawyers who were in private practice in the Toronto area.’
    • ‘Do you think it's harder for people in private practice to be involved in public service?’
    • ‘She has a range of experience in the field, working in private practice in Scotland and in the Cayman Islands.’
    • ‘The Netcare hospital group said most doctors in private practice supported the protest action.’
    • ‘The demands of parenthood lead some practitioners to private practice based on a need to have a flexible work schedule.’
    • ‘This new insurance system covers the on-site private practice of doctors employed in the public health service.’
    • ‘In private practice, counselors become responsible for all aspects of establishing and maintaining a client base.’
    • ‘Of course the choice for any lawyer isn't just a straight one between private practice and legal aid.’
    • ‘One of the things that makes private practice attractive to practitioners is the opportunity to specialize.’
    • ‘Her mother asked the agents to meet him at his office instead, where he was a doctor in private practice.’
    • ‘In addition, professionals in private practice often report feeling isolated from colleagues.’
    • ‘The proposed Bill would affect particularly doctors in private practice, but also those in the public sector.’
    • ‘Doctors willing to do private practice may be allowed to do after duty period inside the campus.’
    • ‘Some lawyers who have left private practice point to the billable hour as a central motivation for their departure.’
    • ‘In this process, counselors can begin to identify what they want to accomplish as a counselor and in their private practice.’
    • ‘For a lawyer in private practice with a family to support, that's a heavy burden.’
    • ‘I was vaguely aware of a problem with an escrow account while he was an attorney in private practice in Illinois in the early 1980's.’
    1. 1.1British Medical practice that is not part of the National Health Service.
      • ‘An investigation by the Audit Commission has supported several concerns expressed by a consultant surgeon about private practice at a hospital in south Wales.’
      • ‘Whatever the attitude to the desirability of private practice, such practice is unlikely to be a significant cause of long waiting lists in the NHS.’
      • ‘He left the government medical service in 1972 to found a much respected private practice.’
      • ‘According to the unit costs we used in our analysis, they can achieve higher incomes in private practice than in the NHS.’
      • ‘Increasingly, young medical graduates shun hospital and turn to private practice instead.’


private practice