Definition of private member's bill in English:

private member's bill


  • (in the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) a legislative bill that is introduced by a private Member of Parliament and is not part of a government's planned legislation. Such bills rarely become law.

    • ‘They do not believe a private member's bill currently before the Scottish Parliament, which would ban smoking when food is being served, goes far enough.’
    • ‘He meekly agreed, and now she has drafted the legislation of a private member's bill herself.’
    • ‘A private member's bill has also been introduced in Parliament which, if passed, will greatly restrict the kinds of crimes that could result in a conditional sentence.’
    • ‘Earlier in the month, she introduced a private member's bill to give Toronto more control over its own affairs.’
    • ‘Several of the later introductions of compulsory voting came about with some support from Labor, often introduced to parliament by a government backbencher in the form of a private member's bill.’
    • ‘There's a private member's bill on ageism going through parliament today.’
    • ‘The Ontario New Democratic Party has introduced a private member's bill that would make it policy to assume one's consent to donating organs unless the donor actively opts out.’
    • ‘Of course, there was the Stonehouse bill, but a private member's bill could be easily rebuffed in the absence of a government granting it sufficient parliamentary time.’
    • ‘It now seems that the only hope that such legislation will be introduced any time soon is if an MP brings a private member's bill.’
    • ‘In 1879 Hay introduced a private member's bill to solve some of the problems between the Legislative Council and the House of Assembly.’
    • ‘A private member's bill is currently before Parliament to ban the docking of dogs' tails.’
    • ‘Short made it clear in her comments that she had no intention of introducing a private member's bill on the subject for the third time because not enough time is given to member's bills to get them through.’
    • ‘Luckily for Ontarians, private member's bills almost never become law.’
    • ‘He is, he points out, the only MSP with two private member's bills announced and says he wants to use the ‘minimal’ powers of the current arrangements to get the maximum results.’
    • ‘Robison has cross-party support, but is considering introducing a private member's bill on the subject if she does not receive Executive support.’
    • ‘We, in conjunction with the National Pensioners' Convention, are supporting the private member's bill going through Parliament on October 17 for free transport for all pensioners and disabled people throughout the country.’
    • ‘The member in his introductory speech made a great play of the fact that I, myself, had introduced a private member's bill to have the same effect.’
    • ‘At the moment only Government has the mandate to present such bills and this explains the falling away of the private member's bill on the proposed television licence fees during last session.’
    • ‘So, I'm looking for a Member of Parliament willing to take a private member's bill on the matter.’
    • ‘A private member's bill currently under review by a Parliamentary Standing Committee could complicate the issue further.’


private member's bill