Definition of private life in English:

private life


  • A person's personal relationships, interests, and activities as distinct from their public or professional life.

    ‘he was somewhat reserved and shy in private life’
    ‘he tried to live an ordinary private life’
    • ‘We should not put up with the army of health and ethics experts who are now trying to police both public debate and private lives.’
    • ‘Totalitarianism through the back door, they create the propaganda then use it to impose the will of the state on our public and private lives.’
    • ‘The first was the psychological impact of public events on the private lives of individuals not directly touched by them.’
    • ‘As is often the case with people who go public about their messy private lives, many of the contributors were self-serving bores.’
    • ‘Do we have a right to know about the private lives of public figures?’
    • ‘His background may account for his reticence to expose his private life to public scrutiny.’
    • ‘Conversely, homeless people live their private lives in public spaces, in public view even if we pretend not to see.’
    • ‘Marsh lives in a council flat and injects tireless devotion into his work to the exclusion of any private life.’
    • ‘It was what people produced, rather than what they did in their private lives, that interested him.’
    • ‘There's a reason that people in the public eye have private lives.’
    • ‘Was it any wonder this feeling of invincibility transferred itself from their public to their private lives?’
    • ‘So there is no legitimate public interest in the private lives of public figures?’
    • ‘He is not sure private lives are relevant to public duty.’
    • ‘An aspect of that is the way she observes a line of demarcation between her private life and her public life.’
    • ‘The absence of a single blemish on both the Queen's public and private lives is a fitting tribute to her mother's ability as a parent.’
    • ‘If people aren't interested in private lives, why have so many cabinet ministers been forced to resign over the years?’
    • ‘This creates further interest in the private lives of others.’
    • ‘But because her private life has been made public before, she made a pact not to discuss the split.’
    • ‘Sociologists said the contest would reveal people's private lives to the public and should be held cautiously.’
    • ‘Because we are uncomfortable talking about the private lives of public people.’