Definition of private law in English:

private law


mass noun
  • A branch of the law that deals with the relations between individuals or institutions, rather than relations between these and the state.

    ‘a legal right recognized in private law’
    as modifier ‘private law proceedings’
    • ‘If it is at all a justified exercise of American sovereign power, it must be grounded in our national private law.’
    • ‘It is therefore necessary to consider whether private law actions might provide more chance of success.’
    • ‘That principle applies as much to time limits in public law proceedings as to those in private law proceedings.’
    • ‘That is absurd, so there needs to be something to call in aid to make reasonable in any sense, be it public law or private law, giving advertent thought to the need to exercise that power.’
    • ‘We are satisfied that there are features of public law litigation which distinguish it from private law civil and family litigation.’
    • ‘The Scottish system, the system that operates in the UK, operates exactly in that way, in the sense that it is an integrated public law and private law system.’
    • ‘This case represents more than tension between public law and private law rights, but a collision.’
    • ‘He said the dispute was over a contract and therefore one of private law, and a judicial review challenge was not the correct legal procedure.’
    • ‘You will have heard on the arguments that there were some interesting points raised particularly on the overlap between public law and private law.’
    • ‘And the steps required to be taken to discharge that private law duty of care may be steps comprehended within the public duties.’
    • ‘The key to this all is that the US law of legal tender is private law, not public law.’
    • ‘They contended that the function of the County Court was restricted to determining whether the Council was, in private law, entitled to possession.’
    • ‘The basic proposition is that in the ordinary case a breach of statutory duty does not, by itself, give rise to any private law cause of action.’
    • ‘That was a matter for private law under other legislation.’
    • ‘Rescues were co-operative affairs, and although they were underpinned by law, this was the ordinary private law, not public law.’
    • ‘As I have already said, in my view, the claimants in private law proceedings cannot rely upon a free-standing application under the Convention.’
    • ‘Also in many countries of continental Europe and most other civil law countries the law draws a distinction between private law proceedings and criminal proceedings.’
    • ‘These public law remedies are additional to any private law remedies which would be available to him such as damages for misfeasance in public office, assault or negligence.’
    • ‘Another private law feature of discrimination is found in the law of inheritance, where the general rule is that women are entitled to half the share of men.’
    • ‘Cases concerning children may usefully be divided into two categories - private law and public law.’


private law