Definition of private house in English:

private house


  • A house that is a private home, as distinct from a shop, office, or public building.

    • ‘The first public house in Ballater was kept by George Clark, in a room of a private house.’
    • ‘A number of Islamic palaces with gardens sprang up, with a row of finely ornamented private houses near them.’
    • ‘It is just an ordinary three bedroomed, semi-detached private house in suburban Doncaster.’
    • ‘A 440 lb chunk falls into the courtyard of a private house.’
    • ‘We were in a private house in Amiriya, a Sunni suburb near Baghdad airport.’
    • ‘It is separated from the service station site by a driveway to a private house.’
    • ‘The cleric, aged in his 40s spoke to the Guardian for two hours in a private house in Baghdad.’
    • ‘The services have in consequence been held in private houses.’
    • ‘Bigley was living outside the safer area, in a private house.’
    • ‘Port Eliot, my favourite, is held in the grounds of a private house in Cornwall.’
    • ‘Today the railway station in Rathvilly is a private house, owned by the Halligan family who run a funeral undertaking service.’
    • ‘Besides the club opposite Dene Cottage, tennis could be played at a number of private houses which maintained their own courts.’
    • ‘The average private house takes an architect a couple of months to design.’
    • ‘Formerly a Plymouth Brethren Chapel this building is now a private house.’
    • ‘I ate mostly in private houses where the home cooking was wonderful.’
    • ‘The bike had been stolen from a private house in Mirfield.’
    • ‘For example, there is no automatic access to prisons, let alone to private houses, except for the most relentless kind of journalist.’
    • ‘For years it has been squirrelled away in a private house in England.’
    • ‘The new fence is to replace an existing wire one which separated the 58-house estate from the grounds of private houses.’
    • ‘Their check on the expenditure was entrusted to a small accountancy firm operating out of a private house in San Diego.’