Definition of prison camp in English:

prison camp


  • A camp where prisoners of war or political prisoners are kept under guard.

    • ‘Like an POW in a British prison camp, I was gonna have to stay on my guard.’
    • ‘If the military had taken this step when it established the prison camp, much of the controversy over its handling of detainees there would never have materialized.’
    • ‘If a reporter could get into the country, getting caught would mean getting charged with spying and disappearing into a prison camp.’
    • ‘For about six weeks in early 1991, both were guards at a prison camp for Iraqis captured during the Gulf War.’
    • ‘A police barrack soon was fortified into a prison camp, with plans to accommodate 5,000 prisoners.’
    • ‘The military has classified many details about the prison camp and the detainees and has not identified any of the men being held there.’
    • ‘Yet Ngende has been subjected to violent racial attacks, and has spent time in Dungavel, which he describes, unequivocally, as ‘a prison camp, not a detention centre’.’
    • ‘In a prison camp near Tokyo, an American, expecting yet another beating, was handed a paper cup of sake wine and his smiling captor informed him that the war was over.’
    • ‘Videotapes taken by the US military at Guantanamo Bay provide new evidence of torture of detainees at the US prison camp.’
    • ‘Hague also explicitly criticised Guantánamo Bay, the Cuban prison camp where 500 detainees are being kept without trial.’
    • ‘At a later part of the afternoon, the General Michael Lehnert went to the prison camp to address the detainees over a loud speaker and to talk to the guards.’
    • ‘When Italy capitulates to the Allies, the Italian jailers desert from the prison camp and the prisoners are left to fend for themselves.’
    • ‘The confrontation took place at the Woomera Detention Centre, a prison camp for asylum seekers, situated in the heart of the Australian desert, hundreds of miles from the nearest city.’
    • ‘It was once a school, then was turned into a prison camp by the Khmer Rouge, and is now a museum.’
    • ‘Bliznakov said that the region around the prison camp was less dangerous than Diwania camp, where the current Bulgarian mission is located.’
    • ‘This is a community that not only helped Jewish refugees at the beginning of the war but also fed German prisoners in a prison camp nearby.’
    • ‘They act as guards at the prison camp in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, and they continue to keep order in the Balkans.’
    • ‘All he had to look forward to in this country was death, a prison camp or compulsory military service.’
    • ‘They all pretended that the dog and pony show staged for them by military authorities at the prison camp provided a true picture of the conditions under which prisoners are being held.’
    • ‘Inmates held at the prison camp, which has been condemned by human rights groups and governments around the world, have no access to lawyers and face trials in military tribunals.’


prison camp