Definition of printmaker in English:



  • A person who makes pictures or designs by printing them from specially prepared plates or blocks.

    ‘he is a painter and printmaker’
    • ‘Not only has his style of working changed from time to time, he has also changed from being a painter to producing relief sculpture to being a printmaker and finally becoming a mural painter.’
    • ‘For example, Dutch painters and Japanese printmakers, each in their own unique ways, brought quiet, everyday river scenes to life through their art.’
    • ‘As a printmaker and book illustrator, his clear and imaginative compositions contributed to the popularity of emblem books.’
    • ‘Written for photographers, digital and traditional artists and printmakers, Mastering Digital Printing is an in-depth reference to the world of digital printing for photography and fine art.’
    • ‘The difference between painters, printmakers and photographers can be very large or very small, depending on our point of view or on our vested interest in the distinctions.’
    • ‘Our city is renowned for its historic interest but little is known about its wealth of artists, which includes painters, potters, photographers, weavers and printmakers.’
    • ‘The printmakers carve and print in the same block.’
    • ‘The recipient of numerous academic and artistic awards, Leher, a printmaker, has exhibited nationally and internationally.’
    • ‘These comprise the papers of a varied group of painters, sculptors, printmakers, craftsmen, architects, designers and photographers from the eighteenth century to the present.’
    • ‘The surveys also identified the need for cultural space where musicians, visual artists, filmmakers, dancers, printmakers, and other artists could share their skills and work with the community.’
    • ‘Besnard is little remembered today, but in his time he was regarded as one of the most significant of French artists, both as a printmaker and a painter, particularly in the field of portrait painting.’
    • ‘Collaboration being a two-way process, printmakers need artists as much as artists need printmakers.’
    • ‘The Endowment will support painters, sculptors, printmakers, and other artists in their efforts to better acquaint themselves with the natural world through both museum and field research.’
    • ‘The Ashton showcases a collection of artworks from the Fort Worth Circle - painters, sculptors and printmakers prominent here beginning in the 1930s and '40s.’
    • ‘Artists who are printmakers work in the medium of lithography; they etch, they engrave.’
    • ‘Son Jamie's computer knowledge and background as a printmaker and scenic designer make him the perfect technical services specialist at Allart.’
    • ‘It was no wonder that the avant-garde artists and the printmakers who were rejected by the conservative Bunten, Teiten and Inten, tried to organize their own exhibitions.’
    • ‘Rome in the nineteenth century was a Mecca for painters, sculptors, architects, printmakers, writers, and composers from all over the world.’
    • ‘Museum manager Brian Lunger has invited several Pangnirtung artists and printmakers to the opening, including Andrew Qappik and Jolly Attagooyak.’
    • ‘Writers, filmmakers, painters or printmakers are often sensitive personalities and feel a need to express their feelings in their works.’