Definition of printing press in English:

printing press


  • A machine for printing text or pictures from type or plates.

    • ‘Yes, treasury runs the printing presses, but with the invention of this thing we call the ‘bank’, actual currency has become a smaller and smaller fraction of total money supply.’
    • ‘Bradford Industrial Museum boasts three working printing presses which are operated by four former printers who voluntarily come into the museum once a week.’
    • ‘By 1465, printing presses based on Gutenberg's moveable type could be found in Italy, by 1470 in Paris.’
    • ‘His interest in newspapers - Lachlan spent some of his university holidays cleaning printing presses in Australia - most closely resembles his father's passion for the printed word.’
    • ‘Many newspapers were using satellites to distribute stories and photos to their affiliates and to relay their pages to printing presses around the country; suddenly they were using faxes and film.’
    • ‘Additional pictures of the printing press seemed to be derived from early points of history as well.’
    • ‘Some of the region's rare historical machinery, including hand-pulled printing presses, carpet looms and Bradford's last tram, are housed in the museum.’
    • ‘That's been the case with inventors, innovators and a host of talented and creative souls, including those who fashioned the first flatbed printing presses and began making impressions of printed letters.’
    • ‘If the couple are making good time they can visit the Gray Printers Museum, where they can see 19th century printing presses.’
    • ‘Also, the speed of operation for the printing presses is quite low, and further increase of press speed will require the increase of the dryer exhaust flow to achieve proper curing.’
    • ‘Pearson did, however, work in the school print shop, setting type by hand on the printing presses.’
    • ‘Von Rosen was a self-made man, and even though he never graduated from college, he worked as an engineer designing printing presses before launching his own publishing company in 1938.’
    • ‘Yet a degree of cultural cohesion and awareness of shared political, commercial, and economic interests was stimulated by the productions of the colonial printing presses, particularly by newspapers.’
    • ‘The printing press did not just publish written texts.’
    • ‘In those days the Mayo News was printed in Westport and Gerry would have to wait in the office until the first ‘proofs’ came off the printing presses to correct any errors that might have occurred.’
    • ‘The etched lines are then filled with ink, and the plate put through a printing press so the picture can be transferred to paper.’
    • ‘These men were brilliant pamphleteers enjoying a short-lived freedom to print, publish and circulate their views at a time when censorship was temporarily in abeyance, and printing presses newly cheap and easy to set up.’
    • ‘Some of the work in this exhibition is mixed media drawing, but most is produced by monotype on paper, using a printing press.’
    • ‘The means of production are the factories, the machines, the chemical plants, the printing presses, the pits, the building materials - all the things which produce wealth.’
    • ‘Magazine production requires large printing presses as well as numerous specialized employees (typesetters, graphic artists, etc.).’
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