Definition of printing in English:



mass noun
  • 1The production of books, newspapers, or other printed material.

    ‘the invention of printing’
    as modifier ‘the printing industry’
    • ‘And, in tandem with that, we have changes in printing technology, which have enormously reduced the cost of printing and publishing, even in traditional book form.’
    • ‘This does not make it a cheap book, but the clarity of Luca Invernizzi Tettoni's photography and the high quality printing make the book an instant visual hit.’
    • ‘The history of writing has been influenced by technological developments, such as the invention of paper and printing, and by increased literacy due to the expansion of formal education.’
    • ‘Modern photoprinters offer many output options, such as the ability to handle roll paper for banner printing and producing borderless prints.’
    • ‘It was well over 100 years from the invention of printing to the appearance of the first newspapers.’
    • ‘BP Colour was involved in high quality lithographic printing for marketing and graphic design companies.’
    • ‘The invention of printing had revolutionized the transmission of new ideas across Western Europe, including Protestant ideas.’
    • ‘This rather classy book boasts high-quality printing and color reproduction of individual Tino Hamid photographs.’
    • ‘Mass production in early printing, if it existed at all, just involved doing the same things faster.’
    • ‘Could the introduction of remote printing of distant newspapers resurrect the newsstand business?’
    • ‘Because of the quantities involved and the capital-intensive nature of the business, the early printing and publishing of books tended to be centralized.’
    • ‘The actual process of printing by offset lithography is not new, but has been hugely refined in terms of quality and speed.’
    • ‘Nicholas V died in 1455, unaware of Johannes Gutenberg's invention of printing with moveable metal types in Mainz, Germany.’
    • ‘The importance of his book is that it was printed (book printing was invented just a short time before by Gutenberg) and many copies were therefore available.’
    • ‘There is a lot to like about this book, including a clear layout, good printing, diagrams, paper and binding, and an extensive bibliography.’
    • ‘Organic semiconductor production would do away with all of that and substitute a process that resembles the continuous-feed printing of a newspaper.’
    • ‘The lecture was a medieval solution to book shortages before printing was invented.’
    • ‘Before the invention of printing, books were produced entirely by hand by a series of painters, calligraphers, and binders.’
    • ‘This may be the most profound technological advance in music since Petrucci and the invention of musical printing.’
    • ‘The Satellite Newspapers' system downloaded newspapers to a kiosk for on-demand printing of newspapers.’
    1. 1.1count noun A single impression of a book.
      ‘the second printing was ready just after Christmas’
      • ‘Its popularity (three printings the first three months, with three more the first year) made it the first theatrical script to sell well as a book in America.’
      • ‘The only suggestion this reviewer has is that the publisher consider a larger typeface in the next printing.’
      • ‘The book's success encouraged subsequent printings in 1858 and 1859.’
      • ‘That means my ‘series’ now has three different printings from two different publishers.’
      • ‘These hard wood blocks were durable enough to withstand the thousands of printings necessary for magazines with national circulations.’
      • ‘Will new printings of traditional books be issued on demand, or printed in advance and warehoused?’
      • ‘Raymond Nelson's edition reproduces photographically the first printings of Tolson's three published volumes, along with thirty-four pages of uncollected poems that appeared in journals.’
      • ‘In many commercial printings, overruns are part of the process.’
      • ‘Minor corrections were made between the first and second printings.’
      • ‘Future printings will be corrected to address the error.’
      • ‘Although both books have been published in Britain, these 2003 printings by Airlife make them available in the United States for the first time.’
      • ‘Since its first appearance nearly half a century ago the book has gone through a number of printings and has deservedly maintained its popularity.’
      • ‘The book was popular with the public, rapidly selling through five printings.’
      • ‘The book went through several printings and was obviously much-treasured by those who purchased it.’
      • ‘They're also all books that have been published in multiple printings for decades or longer by multiple publishers.’
      • ‘The book has been through 53 printings in its original American version and has been published in more than 50 countries.’
      • ‘First is the editorial decision to replicate the original printings, complete with long walls of paragraphs and confusing punctuation.’
      • ‘We usually buy our stock directly from publishers, sometimes being invited to share in special printings.’
      • ‘A microfiche edition of the first printings of Mathilde's works has recently been published by IDC in the Netherlands.’
      • ‘A sufficiently high number of pre-orders would push the book into multiple printings early on and guarantee a high ranking.’
      issue, number, volume
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    2. 1.2 Handwriting in which the letters are written separately rather than being joined together.
      ‘this squiggly squarish printing was the only way he could write’
      • ‘It was hard and white, and the printing on top was someone's flawless handwriting to ‘Mr. William Gale.’’
      • ‘Dr. Karimian testified that the printing in the statement of assets was not in his handwriting.’
      • ‘The printing was hurried and the cramped letters ran together as if Alec had been in a great hurry to get them on paper.’
      • ‘I'm not sure how many years I received instruction, but I think cursive and printing might have been different years.’
      handwriting, hand, script, penmanship, pen, print, longhand, calligraphy, chirography
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