Definition of printable in English:



  • 1Suitable or fit to be printed or published.

    ‘break photographs up into printable form’
    ‘he was called a drunk and a racist, among printable epithets’
    • ‘One can anticipate at least three reactions to this conclusion (three that are printable, that is).’
    • ‘I'm not going to tell you what she called me, but suffice to say it's not printable.’
    • ‘We require you to find a witty, original and more importantly printable caption to go along with the image above.’
    • ‘The only comment I can make to reply to that is not printable.’
    • ‘Sunny, for one, would have something to say about that, and it would not be printable.’
    • ‘‘What I would say to Marion right now is not printable,’ said her father, who is 77.’
    • ‘He is only too aware of how he is judged by others - weird, oddball, crazy and strange are just the printable descriptions - but he does not seem to care too much.’
    • ‘I'm not speechless, but I haven't anything printable to say about the presentation.’
    • ‘And those are just some of the more printable observations.’
    • ‘I may have more to say about this dichotomy later if I manage to get my thoughts in printable form.’
    • ‘I can remember several brilliant one-liners that he used to come out with but none of them are printable.’
    • ‘Struggling to use printable language, he added: ‘I think it shows a lack of consideration and a lack of proper management and efficiency.’’
    • ‘My only task was to pout, dimple prettily, and be as printable as possible.’
    • ‘Alec shouted a few things after us - the majority of them are not printable here - but thankfully that was all he did.’
    • ‘But… we could only report the sentences of a handful of them, those that were printable and not offensive.’
    • ‘The words I would use to describe the new swimming pool are not printable in this paper.’
    • ‘‘Smug’ and ‘arrogant’ are two of the more printable descriptions of its attitude and critics have also claimed it has an unappealing habit of conducting its affairs in secret.’
    • ‘There are also many hundreds of additional words and phrases vented every day by players who find themselves in the Madhouse, most of which are not printable and certainly of no historical interest!’
    • ‘He entertained a packed audience at Ilkley Playhouse this week with his routine of hilarious, if not entirely printable, series of anecdotes and stories of English football in the 1950s and 60s.’
    • ‘There are a few choice words I would like to say how I feel regarding this but they wouldn't be printable.’
    1. 1.1Computing (of text) able to be printed.
      ‘the file is printable’
      • ‘The disk includes the plugin and printable documentation along with CodeWeavers Wine 1.0.’
      • ‘Students will be offered a mix of digital learning resources - including video, flash animations, interactive games, printable worksheets, text pages and illustrations - providing a variety of ways to learn.’
      • ‘Click on, say, Newark Penn station and up comes a map and some printable text.’
      • ‘In publishing, you make the content available by extracting components out of the repository and constructing targeted publications such as websites, printable documents, and e-mail newsletters.’
      • ‘This programme will give you a printable list of all the installed applications on your computer, so the next time you install or reinstall the operating system, you'll have a list of programs to reference.’