Definition of principally in English:



  • sentence adverb For the most part; chiefly.

    ‘he was principally a landscape painter’
    • ‘The main causes of death were cholera, typhoid, and typhus, due principally to a total neglect of hygiene.’
    • ‘Bell specialises in reed or pipe instruments from exotic locations, principally South East Asia.’
    • ‘Vinifera grapes are used principally for wine-making, table grapes, and drying grapes.’
    • ‘The Newman Institute was what principally attracted him to come and live in Ballina.’
    • ‘That Act will principally deal with all complaints issues and disciplinary issues.’
    • ‘Wigtown, once famous principally for its covenanting martyrs, is these days a book town.’
    • ‘They feel visual communication is principally concerned with good taste.’
    • ‘The crowds will show up principally to enjoy their favourite big-name musical acts.’
    • ‘The lecturer dealt principally with the budding of fruit trees and the control of insect pests.’
    • ‘In most instances coals principally generate and expel gas on heating in the subsurface.’
    • ‘I expertly hold the glasses up to the natural light principally because that's what Bill is doing.’
    • ‘From a very early age, she read and wrote extensively about several subjects, principally astronomy.’
    • ‘This CD focuses principally on songs and arias recorded in one week in March 1907.’
    • ‘We try to police these matches principally with off-duty officers - that's the aim.’
    • ‘It's principally a high-altitude tourist resort and the prices can be as high as the mountains.’
    • ‘They now have to lease the trains that they use, principally from three private companies.’
    • ‘The restriction is principally one of procedure rather than substance.’
    • ‘Before then, corn had been sold in the open air, principally in Pavement.’
    • ‘This analysis ignores gains in quality of life, principally because of a lack of information.’
    • ‘The buildings at the property comprise, principally, the main house which fronts onto the driveway.’
    mainly, mostly, chiefly, for the most part, in the main, on the whole, largely, by and large, to a large extent, to a great degree, predominantly, predominately, above all, first and foremost, basically, substantially, overall, in general, effectively, especially, particularly, primarily, generally, usually, typically, commonly, as a rule
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