Definition of principal component analysis in English:

principal component analysis


mass nounStatistics
  • A method of analysis which involves finding the linear combination of a set of variables that has maximum variance and removing its effect, repeating this successively.

    • ‘Vegetation structure was also quantified with principal component analysis because multivariate measures of vegetation can lead to more powerful interpretations by examining the interrelationship among variables.’
    • ‘The high- and low-pressure spectra were chosen from the time series by analyzing the series with principal component analysis and using the scores of the first component to pick out the extremes.’
    • ‘To study the free-energy landscape of a protein, principal component analysis is known to be a useful tool.’
    • ‘To reduce the number of statistical tests performed with multiple song features, a common practice is to apply principal component analysis.’
    • ‘We conducted principal component analysis for all characters, including all individuals of the five species, and also for each species separately.’