Definition of princeling in English:



  • 1The ruler of a small principality or domain.

    ‘an obscure family of German princelings’
    • ‘Richard, 33, is the boardroom-reared princeling trying to make a name for himself beyond the shadow of the famous patriarch.’
    • ‘Over the autumn and winter their language became hysterically belligerent towards the German princelings who harboured the émigrés and, behind them, the Habsburg Emperor.’
    • ‘All hopes destroyed, the young man leaves England and begins a desultory life of intrigue, adventure, and lost love among German princelings and principalities.’
    • ‘Instead, the multi-millionaire enjoys the unfettered licence of an owner and, as a local princeling, the adulation of fans stupid enough to believe in his undying loyalty.’
    • ‘He meets, in Kumasi, in Abomey, and in Ouidah, descendants of the royal families and merchant princelings who facilitated the transatlantic shipping of his own ancestors to the sugarcane fields and cotton plantations of the Americas.’
    • ‘A good-looking girl, Marie was married at 18 to Ferdinand of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, a German princeling who later became king of Romania.’
    • ‘Smaller kingdoms changed hands frequently, and adventurers were princelings for a day before they were displaced by others more courageous or unscrupulous.’
    • ‘The whole is leavened by an abundance of humour, reflecting Herge's impish sense of fun - he was a great practical joker, not unlike his character Abdullah, the spoilt Arab princeling who torments Captain Haddock with his pranks.’
    • ‘In 1840 her marriage was arranged to her first cousin Albert, a German princeling, with whom she produced nine children in twenty years.’
    • ‘Once the proud residences of merchant princes and princelings, they have fallen sadly from grace.’
    • ‘The set, by Lez Brotherston, suitably suggests an ornate, tiled bathhouse, inhabited by a mama's-boy princeling who grows up into a mother-dominated prince.’
    • ‘The reader wants to believe it could happen because he would secretly like to see the beggar boy rise in life, while the privileged princeling is brought down to have his nose rubbed in reality.’
    • ‘These were the assortment of Maharajas, Nawabs and other princelings that gave an exotic hue to the British Empire.’
    • ‘Ah, but voters are fickle and rarely take into consideration the desires of distant princelings (or columnists, for that matter).’
    • ‘Everett is perfectly cast as the pouty and spoiled princeling, Algernon Moncrieff, who spends half his life avoiding tax collectors.’
    • ‘The brave princeling (please help me with the names) dies fighting, making a hopeless last stand so that Frodo can go on.’
    • ‘A tiny percentage of their former subordinates and many children of the top leaders - the princelings - have been chosen as candidates.’
    • ‘It was hard to believe that it had been so long since Davedar had arrived at Danhera an arrogant princeling.’
    • ‘Back in the early 1990s, I visited the Karera Sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh, which had been set up in 1981 to protect that marvellously snooty princeling - the Great Indian Bustard.’
    • ‘Thus, Scherer does not find support for the hypothesis that political fragmentation in Germany led to increased demand for music from princelings competing to decorate their courts.’
    1. 1.1 A young prince.
      • ‘It's a rare fantasy story that has the young princeling realizing that his father was in fact a cruel and bad ruler, and vowing to change his ways, unite the kingdom and bring peace; really growing up, and becoming his own man.’
      • ‘His descendants, however, fought each other with the usual courtly relish of medieval princelings.’
      • ‘Suffice to say that the vineyard has been sustained by a rising demand from Europe's aristocratic families, Arab princelings and dotcom millionaires.’
      • ‘The princelings, beginning from a young age, have enjoyed various kinds of privileges, from attending the top universities to choosing the best occupations.’
      • ‘In his portrait of Leonello, Pisanello places the young princeling in profile before a rosebush, the spines of its leaves as if beaten from gold.’
      ruler, sovereign, lord, overlord, dynast, leader, monarch, crowned head
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