Definition of princedom in English:



  • See prince

    • ‘As Machiavelli stresses in chapter 2, his interest lies not in republics as such, but rather in the government of cities, whether they are ruled as republics or as princedoms.’
    • ‘Baronial connections with Wales also helped Llywelyn I to expand his princedom of Gwynedd to its maximum extent.’
    • ‘In this David-Goliath battle Philip had armaments, a trained army and more annual income (largely from the New World) than other European nations and princedoms combined.’
    • ‘In the years of his princedom of Bulgaria, from 1879 to 1886, the country went through 10 changes of government.’
    • ‘Over the next two centuries local princedoms traded, allied, and fought with Europeans, and the Dutch East India Company became a small state engaging in local battles and alliances to secure trade.’