Definition of prince of the blood in English:

prince of the blood


  • A man who is a prince by right of his royal descent.

    • ‘Less than ten of the Notables were non-nobles; 18 were clerics, 7 were princes of the blood, each assigned to preside over a working party (bureau).’
    • ‘As the king was an orphan, it was the senior prince of the blood, his uncle Philippe duke d' Orléans, who would act as regent.’
    • ‘It was plain as soon as I was ushered into each man's presence that these were not mere business leaders, but princes of the blood.’
    • ‘He dealt with captains of industry, ministers of the Crown, peers of the realm and princes of the blood - I was on the fringes of this highly powered world.’
    • ‘The seriousness with which the Beijing government now looked at the situation is shown by the appointment of these two princes of the blood to rescue Nanjing.’
    • ‘Only the king could appoint people to it and normally only princes of the blood (the most senior nobles), senior prelates and magnates were allowed to join.’
    • ‘Slightly more than three and one-half years later, Henri de Bourbon, prince of Conde and first prince of the blood made his entry into Dijon as Burgundy's new royal governor.’
    • ‘It was headed by the grand officers of the crown and the gentilhommes d' honneur of the princes of the blood.’
    • ‘The Maréchaux of France, the main officers of the crown, the second estate of the nobility all of the Huguenots, ‘politiques’ and atheists and nearly all of the princes of the blood belonged to the party of the King of Navarre.’
    • ‘He was released when the king died in December, and his family claimed, as first princes of the blood, the guardianship of the young Charles IX.’