Definition of Prince of Darkness in English:

Prince of Darkness


  • A name for the Devil.

    • ‘The medieval man recognized the Prince of Darkness and paid just homage to the powers of evil, as is evident from the testimony of stone and script.’
    • ‘But I am Satan, the Dark Lord, the Prince of Darkness - what do I care whether she thinks it's a nice place?’
    • ‘Poor Cantuna's soul was saved only by leaving his chapel one stone short of completion, thus fooling the Prince of Darkness.’
    • ‘Hysterical women drunk with superstitious exaltation, affirmed that they saw the Prince of Darkness appear and disappear at the command of Krumnow who thus showed his command over the powers of evil.’
    • ‘The spiritual banquet is the inverse parallel of the demonic banquet offered to the Son of Man by the Prince of Darkness at the beginning of Paradise Regain'd.’


Prince of Darkness