Definition of primo in English:



  • The leading or upper part in a duet.

    • ‘Brahms' waltzes for piano duet were shared out amongst our very competent pianists who, in turn, moved seamlessly up to play first the primo, them the secundo of the waltzes as they progressed.’
    • ‘This third march evokes the humor of Haydn, with many funny percussive rhythmic effects in a call and response format between secondo and primo, which Ms. Crawford performed superciliously.’
    • ‘Each primo and secondo part also can be played as a solo.’
    • ‘I couldn't resist recording the secondo on my Disklavier and playing the primo along with it.’
    • ‘Listen as closely as you like to this recording and you will not be able to tell which of the two played primo and which secondo in the Schubert A-Flat major Variations, such was their mutual respect and sensitivity.’


North American
  • Of top quality or importance.

    ‘the primo team in the land’
    • ‘The competition for team inclusion has seen some explosive surfing by both short and longboarders, all very energetic and excited at the prospect of representing Navy in this primo event.’
    • ‘Kristin arranged that a primo surf photographer give some of our group surfing lessons on Manley beach.’
    • ‘Oakhurst, in particular, has reaped the rewards of this new respect for juices, teas and waters, as its products have received primo placement, proving that it's all a matter of being in the right place at the right time.’
    • ‘This is a primo opportunity for you to demonstrate your maturity.’
    • ‘This double Juno-winner is fresh from recording with primo jazz and groove guitarist John Scofield.’
    • ‘As a result, only about 4,000 inmates out of a prison population of 1.3 million have these jobs, which are primo jobs from an inmate point of view.’
    • ‘It's your choice, but you'll find yourself freestyling through the expansive levels just to take in some sightseeing and to scope out some primo skating spots.’
    • ‘Here I am, surfing with the bass player of one of Australia's primo bands at the world famous Bondi beach in Sydney, Australia, 10,000 miles from home.’
    • ‘Really, isn't it bad enough that stars get free clothes and limos and primo treatment every time they leave the house?’
    • ‘She graciously shares the copious details from her performances and collaborations with renowned directors, conductors and famed prima donnas and primo dons.’
    • ‘Ken MacLeod's ‘Newton's Wake: A Space Opera’ is indeed primo stuff, as Charlie says.’
    • ‘‘It's the primo job in the beverage industry,’ he said.’
    • ‘I didn't have to walk far (this time) because I'd snagged a primo spot when I arrived at work this morning.’
    • ‘Actually it was a definite mixture of people outside, probably because of the primo weather - not that we took in too much of the sun, as we were probably still in the beer garden!’
    • ‘A stone's throw from the Gallatin River, the lodge sits in primo trout territory.’
    • ‘A full week before the gates even opened for the 12th annual Merritt Mountain Music Festival, eager ticket holders had already started lining up, sleeping in their cars and camping by the side of the road in order to nab a primo campsite.’
    • ‘All the fans of primo vino out there may be interested to learn of the launch of a new wine circle in the town.’
    • ‘Best bets are often at Farmer's Markets, where the growers take primo care of what they're selling and often they encourage sampling before you buy.’
    • ‘Ryan and I had the primo seats actually… more luck than planning… the chef came and did all his cooking right smack in front of us.’
    • ‘We'll be back, though, tomorrow afternoon at 3: 00, inarguably one of the primo time slots in all of commercial television.’


Mid 18th century: Italian, literally ‘first’.