Definition of primitively in English:



  • See primitive

    • ‘In extreme fear we may react primitively by jumping out of the way of the juggernaut, thus saving our lives, or more thoughtfully, by calling appropriate emergency services.’
    • ‘Tritylodontids primitively possess three teeth in each premaxilla (usually termed incisors), with the second tooth exhibiting considerable expansion and forming a prominent tusk.’
    • ‘The islanders were tolerant but very primitively rural.’
    • ‘It depicts Adam and Eve, primitively dressed in animal furs and skins, tending their children and engaged in their separate, gender-specific labors: Adam digs with a spade, while Eve manufactures yarn by means of a drop spindle.’
    • ‘These pathways are shared by all living things, at least primitively, with few exceptions, and discussion of secondary losses in some species or species groups is beyond the scope of the present work.’