Definition of primigravida in English:


nounPlural primigravidae

  • A woman who is pregnant for the first time.

    • ‘The one who delivered at the hospital was considered an older primigravida for that time.’
    • ‘A 31 year-old primigravida presented to the emergency department complaining of scanty vaginal bleeding and bilateral lower quadrant abdominal pain that had persisted for 2 days.’
    • ‘Epidural diamorphine was found to be effective in a double-blind study of primigravidae.’
    • ‘His mother was a 34 year old, healthy primigravida who had had an uneventful pregnancy.’
    • ‘One hundred and thirty eight primigravidae who were recruited at antenatal classes at five sites participated in the study.’


Late 19th century: modern Latin (feminine), from Latin primus ‘first’ + gravidus ‘pregnant’ (see gravid).