Definition of prime the pump in English:

prime the pump


  • Stimulate the growth or success of something by supplying it with money.

    ‘the money was intended to prime the community care pump’
    • ‘It's time to prime the pump and offer up our best tricks and tips in preparation for the big Tournament.’
    • ‘First party has to do the heavy lifting to prime the pump so the publishers can follow suit.’
    • ‘‘We are using public-benefit funds to prime the pump, but if this product is a success, then hopefully we will get all our money back and then some,’ he says.’
    • ‘Yet the current government, overzealous to prime the pump, seems unable to resist the temptation to interfere in credit assessments, prodding state banks to lend to particular projects or businesses it accords high priority.’
    • ‘Why hasn't she done anything to help prime the pump for technology in the downstate area, improve our schools, help clean up the Long Island Sound?’
    • ‘Encouraging a steady stream of small ideas helps prime the pump for big ones.’
    • ‘In the lead-up to year-end elections, the government aims to prime the pump by spending on road and rail improvements.’
    • ‘You prime the pump by running it without actually powering up the whole system.’
    • ‘MHI needs an editorial team for an online newspaper targeting teenagers and is offering Sony Mini Disc Recorders to prime the pump in a contest closing on June 25, 2004.’
    • ‘Sometimes you just have to prime the pump, make a commitment to be active in your communication.’