Definition of prime minister in English:

prime minister


  • The head of an elected government; the principal minister of a sovereign or state.

    as title ‘the Japanese prime minister argued strongly against it’
    ‘Prime Minister Albert Reynolds’
    • ‘Removal of elected prime ministers in such an undemocratic way is a disgrace to democracy.’
    • ‘He has the advantage of the strong support of the prime minister and the rest of the cabinet.’
    • ‘He was economic adviser to several prime ministers, beginning with Indira Gandhi.’
    • ‘British prime ministers lose office either because they lose a general election or because their party removes them.’
    • ‘We love the fact that she's a multimillionaire, on speaking terms with presidents and prime ministers.’
    • ‘Presidents and prime ministers were talking about the environment on a daily basis.’
    • ‘And he was able to mix as easily with presidents and prime ministers and dictators as with the common man.’
    • ‘Since the 1980s, the Antilles has had two female prime ministers and several female ministers.’
    • ‘There, the president will have lunch with the prime minister and a group of his constituents.’
    • ‘There are many political parties, and prime ministers must forge coalitions.’
    • ‘He will become one of only a handful of former prime ministers to have written a book about subjects outside politics.’
    • ‘Other walls are decorated with framed thank-you letters from ministers and prime ministers.’
    • ‘There have been many mutual visits, by presidents, prime ministers and foreign ministers.’
    • ‘Ryder didn't bother telling the child that they had prime ministers in Australia, not presidents.’
    • ‘He also left his mark on the system of government by enlarging the scope of the prime minister's role.’
    • ‘It is a convention that prime ministers are not seen to have any campaigning role in a by-election.’
    • ‘That's all very well, but we don't elect prime ministers to ask difficult questions, we elect them to come up with answers.’
    • ‘The prime ministers of Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom were elected.’
    • ‘The maharajas of Mysore employed highly competent dewans, or prime ministers, who ensured that the state was ahead of the times.’
    • ‘The prime minister would be assisted by three deputy prime ministers.’
    premier, first minister, head of the government
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In current use, the terms Premier and Prime Minister refer to the same office in Britain, but in Canada and Australia the government of a province or state is headed by a Premier, that of the federal government by a Prime Minister. In countries such as France, where the President has an executive function, the Prime Minister is in a subordinate position


prime minister