Definition of primatology in English:



mass noun
  • The branch of zoology that deals with primates.

    • ‘Cultural primatology, the study of how socially learned behavior varies between different communities of the same nonhuman primate species, is a hot topic.’
    • ‘These are just a few examples of the rich additions that behavioral primatology can make to understanding the human condition.’
    • ‘Many of the people in primatology are looking now more at the learning aspect of behavior and cultural traditions - more at the flexibility of behavior than a genetic program.’
    • ‘Her subsequent findings - among them, that chimps use tools and have humanlike personalities - revolutionized the world of primatology.’
    • ‘It was in this climate that in 1952 Kinji Imanishi, the father of Japanese primatology, wrote a book that criticized the view of animals as automatons driven by instinct.’