Definition of primatologist in English:



  • See primatology

    • ‘‘When chimps reach age three or four, they start climbing and feeding on their own,’ said primatologist Anne Pusey, head of research for the Jane Goodall Institute, based in Silver Spring, Maryland.’
    • ‘When primatologist Jane Goodall first observed chimpanzees ‘fishing’ for ants and the larger, bulbous-headed red termites at Tanzania's Gombe Stream National Park, she was astounded.’
    • ‘After 50 years of observation, primatologists believe that macaques have an established culture: invented behaviors passed from one monkey to another.’
    • ‘But despite being the subject of numerous now-obscure nineteenth-century reports, this small, nocturnal, gremlin-like prosimian long went unexamined by primatologists.’
    • ‘Mehlman, the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund primatologist, says the behavior also suggests that complex tool-use may not have originated in chimps and humans but may have evolved earlier in the primate family tree.’