Definition of primatial in English:



Christian Church
  • See primate

    • ‘In 1192 Celestine III declared that the Ecclesia Scoticana was subject to the papacy alone and was free from the primatial claims of York.’
    • ‘The development of the role of the Archbishop of Canterbury from Lambeth 1988 through the Virginia Report and now the Windsor Report offers an alternative: Anglicans may voluntarily accept a primatial ministry at the worldwide level.’
    • ‘The independence of the Scottish bishops from the province of York was recognized by Pope Celestine III in 1192, though the primatial see was not raised to archiepiscopal status until 1472.’
    • ‘This new Bulgarian Church embraced eight dioceses, Tirnovo being the primatial see, but the union with Rome was not of long duration.’
    • ‘On a visit to Rome in 442, he was commissioned by Pope Leo the Great to organise the Catholic Church of Ireland and on his return made Armagh the primatial see and established bishops in various places.’