Definition of primary vote in English:

primary vote


  • (in a preferential vote) the total number of votes which express a first preference for a given candidate.

    ‘she received 29 per cent of the primary vote’
    • ‘Even though he took only half of her primary vote, he won on preferences.’
    • ‘She increased her primary vote from 160 to 265 this year.’
    • ‘The Government spent twice as much to buy the election, and yet it has suffered a two per cent drop in primary vote.’
    • ‘He received more than 40 percent of the primary vote and ran well ahead of all his competitors.’
    • ‘The party's primary vote fell by more than 2 per cent.’
    • ‘The mayor was re-elected from a field of four with a majority of primary votes.’
    • ‘Preference votes will be just as important as primary votes in the state election.’
    • ‘The party polled extremely well in Brisbane and should be well up around the 15 per cent primary vote mark.’
    • ‘He still holds with a comfortable primary vote of 58 .5 per cent.’
    • ‘Last week's poll suggests a more than six per cent swing in the primary vote of the major parties within the space of a rather uneventful fortnight.’
    • ‘He won the primary vote ahead of existing councillors.’