Definition of primary sector in English:

primary sector


  • The sector of the economy concerned with or relating to primary industry.

    • ‘While it may very well be the case that Alberta is not near the limits of its development in the primary sector, the primary sector alone is vulnerable to fluctuations in world prices, making it unsuitable to base an entire economy upon.’
    • ‘There has been a perception in society that the primary sector is of less worth or value than the secondary sector.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the tertiary sector has been the biggest contributor to the Gross Domestic Product followed by the primary sector, with the secondary being the least contributor.’
    • ‘The primary sector contributed 22% to GDP growth, secondary 14.5% and tertiary 53%.’
    • ‘The Namibian economy weakened in the first quarter of 2003 with the primary sector, mainly the agriculture and mining subsectors recording negative growth rates.’


primary sector

/ˈprʌɪm(ə)ri sɛktə/