Definition of primary process in English:

primary process


  • An unconscious thought process arising from the pleasure principle, such as condensation or displacement, which is irrational and not subject to compulsion.

    • ‘The oceanic feeling associated with primary process and pleasure principle experience must ultimately give way to the reality of Time bounded experience and the secondary process.’
    • ‘People may be attracted to such virtual environments because - like dreams - they satisfy this need for an alternative view of reality by encouraging the unconscious, primary process styles of thinking.’
    • ‘Whitaker accessed the symbolic world of the family to facilitate primary process relating.’
    • ‘Discarded signifiers (not used in the immediacy of secondary process language and thought) continue to be organised, largely by the primary processes of displacement, condensation and symbol formation.’
    • ‘Nietzsche's duality of Dionysian and Apollonian closely resembles Freud's duality of primary process and secondary process.’