Definition of primary poverty in English:

primary poverty


mass nounEconomics
  • Effective poverty due to insufficiency of means rather than waste, inefficiency, or some other drain on resources.

    • ‘For example, household expenditure data suggest that Rowntree overestimated the food needs of children in his 1899 study of poverty in York, and therefore overestimated the share of the population living in primary poverty.’
    • ‘In primary poverty were those whose total income was not enough to ‘obtain the minimum necessities of life for mere physical efficiency.’’
    • ‘Rowntree concluded that 9.91 per cent of York's population were living in primary poverty and 17.93 in secondary poverty.’
    poverty, penury, destitution, ruin, ruination, indigence, impecuniousness, impoverishment, need, neediness, privation, want, hardship, distress, difficulties, dire straits, reduced circumstances, straitened circumstances, mendicancy, vagrancy
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