Definition of primal scream in English:

primal scream


  • A release of intense basic frustration, anger, and aggression, especially that rediscovered by means of primal therapy.

    ‘I let out a primal scream which seemed to come from the bottom of my stomach’
    figurative ‘the lyrics unleash a gigantic primal scream at the urban alienation and despair of our industrial world’
    • ‘Joren let out a primal scream which seemed to take physical substance as it met everyone's ears.’
    • ‘This kind of music, which is a kind of primal scream against society's ills, represents an outlet for a segment of the '90s disaffected youth.’
    • ‘With a primal scream, I sprinted to the coast and leaped into the water.’
    • ‘The band also got a rush whenever Nicholls kicked into his primal scream therapy, which he took to ridiculous extremes during some of the slower moments.’
    • ‘As the movie progresses he becomes more and more ‘unhinged’ and at the end is reduced to tearful whimpering and huge bellowing primal screams in the least convincing manner possible.’
    • ‘Everything she has ever done in music is compressed into this role; it is nothing less than a form of aboriginal creativity - a song and dance version of a prolonged primal scream.’
    • ‘The apparently unintelligible stuff is by far the most common, and isn't always in the form of seeming gibberish - it can be a sigh, or a primal scream; there's a huge range of intonation and expression.’
    • ‘Jeremy's vocals fluctuate from a whisper to a primal scream while Dan's guitar work is comprehensive as it expands way beyond power chords.’
    • ‘A red haze filled his vision, and he let out a primal scream.’
    • ‘This is by no means to suggest that I mind when you, gentle reader, lay down a primal scream or two for head-clearing or aesthetic purposes.’
    • ‘I would try to describe my feelings at this point in the narrative, but a primal scream is really more appropriate.’
    • ‘Daniel heard a primal scream coming from the crater and Carol shot from the pit like a bullet.’
    • ‘I almost dropped my phone in shock at the primal scream that came out of it.’
    • ‘On vacation on Mexico's Caribbean coast last summer, the couple smeared each other with melon, papaya and mud from the jungle, and then let out primal screams of ‘purifying agony.’’
    • ‘He screamed a primal scream that rattled bones, chilled blood and reached what mysterious organs served for the ears of those who live on the edges of the universe.’
    • ‘But Eberstadt cautions us against simply dismissing what she calls ‘the primal scream of teenage music.’’
    • ‘The music erupts with oppressive repeated guitar riffs, explosive pounding on drums, and banged-out dissonant tone clusters and glissandi on the piano, highlighting primal screams of rage and frustration.’
    • ‘It wasn't words it was a primal scream from the dawn of time when to fight was to live and to submit was to die.’
    • ‘She despairs in a delirium-driven monologue that reaches the cumulative intensity of a raga, peaking to the primal scream of Greek tragedy.’
    • ‘I remember rolling up the windows of my car one day and letting out a primal scream.’