Definition of primal horde in English:

primal horde


  • (in Freudian theory) a hypothetical patriarchal unit of prehistoric human social organization.

    • ‘Freud postulated this idea in terms of the outgrowth of civilization out of the primal horde.’
    • ‘The Oedipal fantasy in the play and its realization in the life of the primal horde may be extended to a view of revolution in modern society.’
    • ‘Freud emphasises parricide, both in regard to the Oedipal urge and to the primal horde, where sons kill the father.’
    • ‘In the story of the primal horde, the father is, furthermore, consumed by the sons in an act that ensures they gain his power.’
    • ‘He calls for a progression from the primitive lack of civilization of the primal horde to a sense of the dignity of all men in a developed and coherent society.’