Definition of prima facie in English:

prima facie

adverb & adjective

  • Based on the first impression; accepted as correct until proved otherwise.

    as adjective ‘a prima facie case of professional misconduct’
    as adverb ‘the original lessee prima facie remains liable for the payment of the rent’
    • ‘The failure of a public officer to have duly forthcoming any public funds or property with which he is chargeable, upon demand by any duly authorized officer, shall be prima facie evidence that he has put such missing funds or property to personal uses.’
    • ‘The Solicitor argues that these comparative data are not of sufficient quality to overcome the prima facie case of obviousness made by the prior art.’


Latin, from primus ‘first’ + facies ‘face’.


prima facie

/ˌprʌɪmə ˈfeɪʃi/