Definition of priestess in English:



  • A female priest of a non-Christian religion.

    • ‘The priests and priestesses in Apollo's house of worship burnt incense and led the morning chant to honour the Sun God.’
    • ‘She may have simply been a priestess, though priestesses often wore dark robes.’
    • ‘It was an old fortress that had been turned into a school for young children singled out to become priests and priestesses.’
    • ‘To the priests and priestesses of Illi-Tay-Ynnaudraurios, each year was the time from one harvest to the next.’
    • ‘They were believed to communicate with priests and priestesses at shrines called oracles.’
    • ‘For most indigenous religions, priests and priestesses are common.’
    • ‘The decree requires that the priests and priestesses of Kolophon visit the altars in the old agora to acknowledge the ties between the old site and the current site of the city.’
    • ‘The royal family ate on the dais, along with the high priests and priestesses.’
    • ‘Then the music stopped and the high priestess appeared followed by the several priestesses who attended her.’
    • ‘I think it's important to anticipate the kinds of needs that may confront us as we emerge as trained priestesses and priests.’
    • ‘Beyond the hordes of robed priests and priestesses, there were villagers.’
    • ‘Her parents called on a voodoo priestess to help her, after all traditional medicines had failed.’
    • ‘I knew she was a Wiccan priestess, and she seemed so open and so comfortable with what she was.’
    • ‘Lesser priests and priestesses serve the shrines of fetishes, minor spirits, and focus on cures and magic charms.’
    • ‘Frodo is a priestess of the Goddess and both a Dianic Wiccan and Ecofeminist Christian.’
    • ‘We assume that we are all goddesses, all priestesses, and all teachers in that we all have our lessons to teach.’
    • ‘Oracles or priestesses in Zra'Thani were beautiful, tall women clothed in the finest of spider silk.’
    • ‘The city was bristling with activity, traders, merchants, priests and priestesses.’
    • ‘There must be priestesses as well as priests, just as there were in the ancient days.’
    • ‘The priestesses and priests became very concerned and knew it was time for some of them to leave if they had any hope of keeping any of their Divine energy intact.’