Definition of priestcraft in English:



mass nounderogatory
  • The knowledge and work of a priest.

    • ‘Just as Rorty cannot ultimately dispense with either canon or priestcraft, so he cannot quite bring himself to do away with churches either.’
    • ‘And if the sense of self-alienation arises out of fraud and priestcraft, or if it amounts to no more than neurosis, then certainly to be done with it would be a grand liberation.’
    • ‘As Part Two evinced, Paine was much more than a talented popularizer of advanced ideas, a megaphone for the enlightenment project against kingcraft, lordcraft and priestcraft.’
    • ‘The errors and superstitions of other days are vanishing before the influence of cause and effect; and mankind generally can never again be led away by the bewilderments of superstition or of priestcraft.’
    • ‘But they could not control the everyday behaviour of soldiers who knew from years of experience, at home and abroad, that priestcraft was the most persistent and insidious enemy of the Revolution.’
    • ‘His statements clearly show his belief that God had commanded him to preach an entirely new religion, the central idea of which was the brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of God, shorn of all ritualism and priestcraft.’