Definition of prickly heat in English:

prickly heat


mass noun
  • An itchy inflammation of the skin, typically with a rash of small vesicles, common in hot, humid weather.

    Also called miliaria
    • ‘The juice of the nettle is good, she says, for a variety of ailments - arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, allergic rashes and prickly heat.’
    • ‘Major Ashby said: ‘Our feet are sore and we have a variety of exotic insect bites and are suffering from prickly heat and sunburn, but apart from that we are all fine.’’
    • ‘Even though my thighs were not enormous or anything, I would still get prickly heat.’
    • ‘Irritated summer skin is usually caused by clogged sweat ducts, a condition called prickly heat or miliaria, or by exposure to poison ivy, oak or sumac.’
    • ‘Come to think of it, the summer was a lot better in spite of the sweat, dust and prickly heat.’
    • ‘It is important to remember that even minor sickness in the desert can have dire consequences - prickly heat and diarrhea can upset part of the sweating mechanism and increase water loss, raising susceptibility to heat illnesses.’
    • ‘Also in hot climates I get prickly heat on my neck (as proven on my trip to the Philippines).’
    • ‘The morning, like most out in the open in summer, was cold to start, quickly warming up to an uncomfortable prickly heat.’
    • ‘Maybe we would be lucky with a little wind tonight, I thought, so I could sleep without feeling prickly heat.’
    • ‘Its cooling properties are such that application on the body prevents prickly heat and summer boils.’
    • ‘Clumps of itchy or prickly tiny red bumps on the skin that appear with hot humid weather in tropical countries is called miliaria or prickly heat in layman's terms.’


prickly heat