Definition of price list in English:

price list


  • A list of the current prices of items on sale.

    ‘our latest catalogue and price list’
    • ‘I contemplate buying a few products from La Prairie's skincare range, but baulk at the price list.’
    • ‘As there are few documents for the factory, other than a price list, it is difficult to date the introduction of these shapes and wares, although many are in the lavish style of the 1820s.’
    • ‘Hotel owners must announce their rates for overnight stay and other services they provide on a price list displayed prominently near the reception desk and in each room.’
    • ‘This site will display a different price list for each reseller.’
    • ‘A note at the top of the price list says, ‘Following the tradition of Asian cultures, we have designed a menu ideal for sharing.’’
    • ‘Interestingly, only one salon in the survey, Zeba, provided a price list for customers to take with them to familiarise themselves with prices or to enable them to compare prices with other salons.’
    • ‘Intel yesterday pared back its price list, chopping up to 34.1 per cent of what it charges for its top-end Xeon DP processors.’
    • ‘The new car is on sale now, providing a range of high-spec cars, a choice of petrol or diesel engines, and a price list starting at a respectable £13,350.’
    • ‘He looked down at the price list taped to the counter, where it said Americano, 20 oz, $1.95.’
    • ‘The reduced prices have been applied to the full contents of the parts price list and in some instances, prices have been reduced by more than 60%.’
    • ‘The company should also publish a price list for Windows and charge all computer makers the same rate schedule.’
    • ‘She glanced at a large price list displayed by the cash register.’
    • ‘Hewlett-Packard has raised printer consumables price for the fifth time in a year - the dealer price list is now 28 per cent higher than 1999.’
    • ‘‘If all you are giving your customers is a list of products that they can buy and a price list, there is little incentive for them to return unless your prices are way under everyone else's,’ he says.’
    • ‘In an effort to avoid having an endless number of models on the price list, Mazda Ireland has a current choice of four.’
    • ‘The Killarney hotelier said all hotels are legally obliged to submit a maximum price list for accommodation and that list must also be placed on public display in each bedroom.’
    • ‘In 1996, 15 years later I came across the original price list.’
    • ‘Judging from their price list, the carer costs would be £9.20 an hour on weekdays, £10.92 at weekends and £18.08 on bank holidays.’
    • ‘Significantly, I noticed that soft drinks were not included in the price list, leaving the management to charge whatever they feel they can get away with in this area.’
    • ‘Surviving invoices, a catalogue, a price list, and advertisements reveal the variety of hardware Robinson made.’