Definition of price leadership in English:

price leadership


mass nounEconomics
  • The setting of prices in a market by a dominant company, which is followed by others in the same market.

    • ‘The healthy effects of market competition may be offset by mergers, cartels, or price leadership understandings, most of which are legitimated or tolerated by government.’
    • ‘It can be difficult to distinguish between cartels in which prices are maintained across a range of producers or suppliers, and other situations in which price leadership is present.’
    • ‘In a message published in the co-op's newsletter, Mr Walsh said Dairygold has served its farmer shareholders well over the years, not least in milk price leadership.’
    • ‘The company's price leadership strategies in the early twentieth century may have led to a high return on sales, but its dollar sales were essentially stagnant despite significant additions to capacity and production.’