Definition of prezzie in English:


(also pressie)


  • A present.

    ‘a birthday card and prezzie for Chris’
    • ‘So I ended up with a much higher salary, 4 weeks off, and leaving pressies - can't argue with that.’
    • ‘I'm taking the afternoon off to eat lunch at our favourite restaurant (if we can fit it in after our mid-morning indulgences), and then go buy myself a birthday prezzie.’
    • ‘This week has been a good one, I got birthday pressies that were totally unexpected, I got stuff I bought off e-bay, and I have been nominated for president.’
    • ‘Well, I did buy one Christmas pressie and Mum bought a birthday pressie but apart from that nothing.’
    • ‘A refuge worker who called in to collect the pressies was overjoyed.’
    • ‘I had some cards and a pressie waiting for me in the post.’
    • ‘I would love to claim that I'm far too mature and sensible to need birthday pressies - but the simple truth is that I'm far more shallow than I care to admit!’
    • ‘Last night we gave Dad a lift over to my Brother's to take his birthday pressies.’
    • ‘If you're looking for Christmas pressies that don't take up much space, or for someone who really does have everything, then I can thoroughly recommend the new breed of catalogues which ship your gift to someone who needs it.’
    • ‘A group of ex-pats had clubbed together to provide pressies for an orphanage in town and we showed up (with Santa) to deliver.’
    • ‘I think Benji had fun over his birthday, he certainly got millions of lovely cards and some nice pressies.’
    • ‘If you fancy exchanging separate prezzies, check out what's on offer for men beyond the socks-and-cufflinks variety.’
    • ‘I still think it was a lovely gesture on the part of my folks to give it to me, and it's still one of the best birthday prezzies ever.’
    • ‘She's at St. Richards maternity ward if anyone wants to visit and take prezzies!’
    • ‘There is now quite a nice little stack of birthday pressies in the corner of the bedroom.’
    • ‘This would be great for my Mother as a light-hearted pressie to go with her card, so I purchased it.’
    • ‘With special offers on beauty products and a wide range of flowers, plants, confectionery, gifts, cakes and wine, if you're struggling to decide on the perfect prezzie, gift vouchers could be the solution.’
    • ‘‘Nan gets lots of pressies because of being 95 and is inundated with gifts,’ said Jackie.’
    • ‘Yesterday, I went shopping for Xmas prezzies and ended up buying myself a karaoke machine instead.’
    • ‘Now it's off to try and fix the garden fence (which as mysteriously fallen down though I haven't noticed much wind of late) before wrapping Xmas pressies and heading off for five days of family Xmas joy.’
    present, donation, offering, contribution, handout, presentation, bestowal, largesse, alms, charity, bonus, award, premium, bounty, boon, favour, bequest, legacy, inheritance, settlement, subsidy, grant, endowment, benefaction
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1930s (as presee): abbreviation.