Definition of prez in English:



  • another term for president
    • ‘When you think about the World Bank job, first of all, even though if you're the top dog there, the prez, you don't really control it.’
    • ‘So the glare Liz gave the prez when he said that was truly fiery and evil.’
    • ‘The emphasis on secrecy also seemed to help keep the prez from getting any disquieting information.’
    • ‘After the conversation, Junior checked the phone's number display - in case he wanted to call back the prez.’
    • ‘Club prez since '94, Carrier says she skated until she was 12, then had to drop out because it got too pricey.’
    • ‘So at least if I know where the media is gathering, I can figure out where the prez is going to be.’
    • ‘The corporation will become home to the majority of the foundation's employees, have its own board of directors, and be overseen by foundation president Mitchell Baker who now becomes the corporation's prez.’
    • ‘I was under the impression that the ‘hotline’ that the US prez and the UK PM used to chat to each other uses one-time pad encryption and is therefore uncrackable.’
    • ‘The Atlanta prez says if the Hawks don't get their act together soon, ‘changes will be made.’’
    • ‘As prez, Alex deals with customers, meets with staff and tests products.’
    • ‘Among the Democratic candidates for prez, I have no favorites.’
    • ‘They're trained by the FBI and specially commissioned by the prez to crack cases the Feds won't take on.’