Definition of prewire in English:



[with object]
  • Wire (something requiring electrical circuitry) in advance of usual installation.

    ‘we prewired the building’
    • ‘As earthly creatures, we come equipped with brains prewired to this rhythm.’
    • ‘Fully tiled bathrooms and fitted bedroom wardrobes are also included and all of the properties are fitted with smoke alarms and are prewired for alarm and satellite TV.’
    • ‘As Lewis, Lannon, and Amini persuasively argue, the human brain is exquisitely prewired to experience love and attachment, and requires such experiences every bit as much as food and oxygen for its healthy development.’
    • ‘Scientists believe your brain, nerve networks, and thousands of hot and cold receptors in the skin that gauge the ambient temperature are all prewired to make you feel hot well before the air temperature exceeds that of your skin.’
    • ‘Although our new home was built more recently, in 1998, it was not prewired.’
    • ‘Innateness is about the extent to which the brain is prewired, plasticity about the extent to which it can be rewired.’
    • ‘Gfci outlets come prewired with two sets of wires marked ‘LOAD ‘and ‘LINE‘.’
    • ‘Other approaches can guide robots, but they typically rely on costly, precision hardware such as laser range finders or on extravagant arrangements that prewire and preprogram the machines to move through controlled spaces.’
    • ‘Cut-in cans come prewired to their own junction boxes.’
    • ‘Below left is a closeup of the seven fan connectors - only seven because Fan 1 is prewired to the 40 mm fan inside the DigiDoc.’
    • ‘Home security led the list of technology purchases, followed by prewiring for cable or satellite TV and a built-in home theater.’
    • ‘Certain predispositions may come prewired, but they can be overwritten by experience as long as the experience happens while the brain is still in its immature state and rapidly developing.’
    • ‘Most fans are sold without a light attached, but are prewired for the light kit to make installation easy.’
    • ‘The connector insulators are first assembled with pins or sockets that have been prewired or have solder lugs on the back, he explains.’
    • ‘This will not require wiring as the connections come prewired to the ballast.’
    • ‘Humans do not come prewired for justice or any of the other moral habits.’