Definition of previously in English:



  • At a previous or earlier time; before:

    ‘museums and art galleries which had previously been open to the public’
    ‘they discovered a previously unknown gene’
    • ‘In fact, she was a former bankrupt who had previously been charged with insurance fraud.’
    • ‘At best it can reveal creatures or habitats previously unknown within an area.’
    • ‘It has happened before, of course, and previously even involved the teams in the top tier.’
    • ‘He had entered the Open five times previously, but failed to qualify every time.’
    • ‘What is being generated is largely a random sample of previously unknown archaeology.’
    • ‘People here do not know what previously locked doors they can push open, but they are trying to find out.’
    • ‘You spoke previously about feeling yourself answerable to certain figures of the past.’
    • ‘He had moved to New York about 3 months previously to do something with his film career.’
    • ‘Their results confirm the suspicion that it is a previously unknown coronavirus.’
    • ‘Actually, if you had read the posts you commented on previously you should already know.’
    • ‘Having a previously unknown twin sister sneak into the picture would cause anyone to act up.’
    • ‘Windows has no memory of what was previously on screen before it was redrawn.’
    • ‘Lincoln Library is a vertitable god of libraries, not just because it was previously a church.’
    • ‘She had been burgled before and had previously challenged at least one of her intruders.’
    • ‘This already proved the world much older than had previously had been thought.’
    • ‘The reason these new prophecies were previously unknown is that they never made the final cut.’
    • ‘She said she was planning a holiday before starting a year of previously arranged study leave.’
    • ‘Caroline admits her training has opened her eyes to a world she was previously blind to.’
    • ‘When a diagnosis is eventually reached, it is on the basis of a previously unknown mutation.’
    • ‘He has discovered a few previously unknown stars and made them into very good players.’
    formerly, earlier, earlier on, before, until now, until then, hitherto, once, at one time, in the past, in days gone by, in years gone by, in times gone by, in bygone days, in times past, in former times, time was when
    in advance, in readiness, ahead of time, sooner, already, beforehand
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