Definition of prevalently in English:



  • See prevalent

    • ‘The former Christian Democrats who now populate parliament - on both sides, though prevalently on the right - have been said to number 330.’
    • ‘One major criticism is that I was not always certain that the research referred to the botanical species used most prevalently in Japanese medicine.’
    • ‘The former was used more prevalently in English-language newspapers and tourist pamphlets, the latter for road signs and other government applications.’
    • ‘He did ground his teachings in the use of the rapier and started his practicals with the learning of rapier and dagger which were still prevalently used in duels at the time.’
    • ‘As you'd expect, the audience was prevalently female - the stampede for the loos during the intermission was a sight to see - but that wasn't a big deal.’
    • ‘It seems unnecessary for alcohol to infiltrate every single aspect of life quite so prevalently when many of the kids in class can't even legally buy alcohol.’
    • ‘During the same period, this area of Italian Catholicism underwent enormous transformation, changing from a prevalently formal unified pattern to a prevalently pluralistic movement pattern.’