Definition of pretty face in English:

pretty face


  • 1A person with a pretty face. Also as a term of endearment. Now rare, except in sense 1b.

  • 2"to be just a pretty face" and variants: to have no qualities other than attractiveness, especially with connotations of low intelligence; usually in negative contexts. Also: "to be more than (just) a pretty face": to have qualities other than mere attractiveness, especially intelligence.

  • 3More fully "pretty-face kangaroo", "pretty-face wallaby". The whiptail wallaby, Macropus parryi, of eastern Australia, which is pale and slender with white and blackish stripes on the face and ears.


Late 17th century; earliest use found in Charles Cotton (1630–1687), poet and translator. From pretty + face.


pretty face

/ˌprɪti ˈfeɪs/