Definition of pretrial in English:



  • In or relating to the period before a judicial trial.

    ‘a pretrial hearing’
    • ‘The government has been shrewd and it hasn't been frugal with funds, running up £1.5m in expenses to date after a handful of pretrial hearings.’
    • ‘The trial court has set a hearing on pretrial discovery for Monday, April 1.’
    • ‘Tuesday, the first of them was formally charged in a pretrial hearing before a U.S. military commission.’
    • ‘There will be a tedious, time-consuming pretrial period.’
    • ‘Lengthy pretrial detention, judicial susceptibility to political pressure and corruption, and long delays before trial remain problems.’
    • ‘It's not clear when his trial will begin, but several of his aides are expected to face pretrial hearings starting next week.’
    • ‘He appeared today as a witness at the pretrial hearing.’
    • ‘He has a pretrial hearing scheduled for Tuesday in Mannheim.’
    • ‘It's the final pretrial hearing before the criminal trial begins on August 27.’
    • ‘And the next hearing for his pretrial detention will be in September.’