Definition of preternaturally in English:


(also praeternaturally)


  • See preternatural

    • ‘Looking from the outside in, they view design as preternaturally flawed, subject to fluctuating markets and consequent shifts in personal taste, economic stability and technological change.’
    • ‘As they approach that limit they become preternaturally intelligent and violently paranoiac.’
    • ‘But I am here to tell you that swans are preternaturally strong beyond ordinary imagination, clannish, quick to anger, domineering, and that they posses a decided mean streak.’
    • ‘But later, when they're over-rehearsed into being preternaturally wise and all-seeing, they start to cloy.’
    • ‘Why does everything have to be experienced through the prism of preternaturally beautiful high-school teens, or perfectly-coiffed (yet fiercely dedicated) professionals?’