Definition of presynaptic in English:



  • Relating to or denoting a nerve cell that releases a transmitter substance into a synapse during transmission of an impulse.

    ‘the presynaptic terminal’
    • ‘The stimulants promote the release of dopamine and norepinephrine from presynaptic neurons into the synaptic cleft but then block reuptake by these same neurons.’
    • ‘Instead, transmission is accomplished by the release of a chemical neurotransmitter substance from the presynaptic fibre.’
    • ‘Norepinephrine is a potent vasoconstrictor synthesized from tyrosine in the presynaptic neuron.’
    • ‘The vesicles within the presynaptic axonal varicosities store the neurotransmitters that are synthesized there by special biochemical systems.’
    • ‘From a screen of 24,000 mutagenized flies, 17 mutants with presynaptic defects in synaptic transmission were recovered.’
    • ‘Alpha - 2 receptors are located on the presynaptic neuron.’
    • ‘It does so by blocking the normal presynaptic reuptake, causing an increase in function or activity level of these transmitters.’
    • ‘The toxin irreversibly binds to presynaptic cholinergic receptors at motor nerve terminals and is subsequently internalized.’
    • ‘With this low level of presynaptic stimulation, quantal currents could be resolved.’
    • ‘Most of the clinically significant symptoms of dissociatives are produced by presynaptic dopamine stimulation and cholinergic antagonism.’
    • ‘Molecular features of the phasic and tonic presynaptic nerve terminals are currently under investigation.’
    • ‘A variety of experiments indicate that single synaptic connections exhibit a broad distribution of presynaptic release probabilities.’
    • ‘Postsynaptic proteins receive the neurotransmitters released by presynaptic proteins.’
    • ‘Depolarization of the presynaptic membrane causes release of acetylcholine into the synaptic cleft.’
    • ‘The release of neurotransmitter is variable and dependent on the properties of the presynaptic terminal.’
    • ‘The second mechanism of TCA cardiotoxicity involves the blockade of norepinephrine uptake at the adrenergic presynaptic endings.’
    • ‘The authors proposed a mechanism of action whereby the calcium channel blocker inhibited the presynaptic release of neurotransmitters.’
    • ‘In presynaptic inhibition, synapses are temporarily ‘decommissioned’ to weaken the response; but in other cases, they are added to strengthen it.’
    • ‘This occurs at chemical synapses when neurotransmitters are released from the presynaptic neuron and produce excitation or inhibition of the postsynaptic cell.’
    • ‘The properties of the presynaptic neuron can also be influenced by the cell with which it makes a synapse.’