Definition of pressure cooker in English:

pressure cooker


  • 1An airtight pot in which food can be cooked quickly under steam pressure.

    • ‘Other Gaviotas inventions have included: biogas generators, a solar pressure cooker and a solar kettle.’
    • ‘In a pressure cooker, foods actually cook three to ten times faster than ordinary cooking methods.’
    • ‘This resulted in the first ‘stew’ coming out of the pressure cooker as one massive suet pudding that was perfectly cylindrical and stood about a foot high on the plate.’
    • ‘In the pressure cooker over high heat, I heated olive oil and sautéed the cut-up onion and garlic.’
    • ‘Dasho Kado says, ‘Put everything in a pressure cooker with the chilies and salt on top and cook for a good long time.’’
    • ‘Use it as a pressure cooker, crispy popcorn maker, steamer, rice cooker or to make hot ‘n’ soft idlis.’
    • ‘The dhal can be cooked in a pressure cooker as well.’
    • ‘Extract the pulp out of the bilimbi after cooking in a pressure cooker.’
    • ‘Cooking them with kombu and using a pressure cooker will make them more digestible.’
    • ‘Mum had emailed me some of her favourite recipes and a couple required a pressure cooker, so out I trotted one morning to Allders to acquire one.’
    • ‘And when yellow split dal (moong dal) is cooked in the pressure cooker for three whistles and allowed to cool on its own, will not the dal become too gooey?’
    • ‘The sweet milk utilizes the tin container as a ready-made pressure cooker for caramelizing.’
    • ‘Place the peeled, diced pumpkin, potatoes and carrots in a saucepan or pressure cooker, add the cooked onions and the chicken stock.’
    • ‘Steam for about 10 minutes till the iddiappam is cooked (a pressure cooker can be used without the weight).’
    • ‘Dig out that pressure cooker or a slow cooker, and get in a stew.’
    • ‘This recipe also works well in a pressure cooker.’
    • ‘I sometimes make use of my Tower pressure cooker, which cuts the cooking time dramatically.’
    • ‘While some people may prefer using a pressure cooker for beans and other long-cooking recipes, it's hard to beat the convenience of a pot that you can leave unattended.’
    • ‘Cook the breadfruit and potatoes in a pressure cooker with a pinch of turmeric powder and salt.’
    • ‘To kill all spores food must be heated to 121°C for three minutes, which is possible only in a pressure cooker or a commercial autoclave.’
    saucepan, frying pan, pot, casserole, wok, skillet, bain-marie, fish kettle, poacher, chafing dish
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    1. 1.1 A highly stressful situation or assignment.
      ‘an academic pressure cooker which turns teenagers into depressives’
      • ‘They have described hearing a hissing noise like a giant pressure cooker letting off steam, seconds before a huge blast which blew one man 8ft into a locker.’
      • ‘Is it hard when interviewing candidates in that kind of pressure cooker situation to get them off the official talking points?’
      • ‘Words overlapping, creating new words as she went along, Angie spewed out her dreams like a pressure cooker letting out steam.’
      • ‘After that pressure cooker environment, Stephen took it a little easier, helping his three nephews establish a restaurant and pub in Seattle.’
      • ‘Male/female relations did not fare well within this high-tech pressure cooker.’
      • ‘He warned, ‘We're heading into a situation where it is going to be like a pressure cooker.’’
      • ‘The analogy of letting off steam was used earlier, like this was a pressure cooker situation.’
      • ‘His mind became a vast pressure cooker, simmering just below the boiling point.’
      • ‘Somehow, despite the uncertainty I faced, the fast-paced, hipper-than-thou, terminal pressure cooker that is New York, I knew I belonged there.’
      • ‘‘Our schools have been turned into pressure cookers of anxiety and stress in which a broad-based curriculum is edged out to make way for a narrow, test and exam-orientated system more akin to a production line,’ he said.’
      • ‘It was like a pressure cooker and I couldn't let off steam.’
      • ‘Instead, the source material comes right out of the artist's inner pressure cooker.’
      • ‘That added a little heat to this April's pressure cooker.’
      • ‘The real pressure cooker comes in the mid-afternoon, at a strategic meeting in which the candidate presents a recommendation based on a business case history that was supplied earlier.’
      • ‘I can tell from a distance of his loneliness, of his pent-up sorrow like steam in a pressure cooker before the first whistle.’
      • ‘Wanderers actually looked to be enjoying the pressure cooker situation as they knocked the ball about searching for further openings.’
      • ‘A new manager will need time to bed in and implement his own ideas, and the pressure cooker of the current situation is not the ideal place to start the re-building process.’
      • ‘It is not a joke, to want to find a peaceful solution to this overwhelming pressure cooker, uneasy, business-dominated world conflict.’
      • ‘It's simmering and boiling and I'm afraid someone left the lid on this pressure cooker and we are about to witness an explosion.’
      • ‘In turn, the higher yields ultimately crash the stock and commodity markets, and those developments let out a ton of steam from the bond pressure cooker.’


pressure cooker