Definition of pressing in English:



  • 1Requiring quick or immediate action or attention.

    ‘inflation was the most pressing problem’
    ‘he had pressing business in Scotland’
    • ‘The claimant states that it called evidence which in its view did establish a clear and, if those adjectives are considered appropriate, an immediate and pressing need for such facilities.’
    • ‘Except this was not war, there were no other pressing issues that demanded his immediate attention so he could forget his pain.’
    • ‘To companies facing immediate, pressing storage problems, NAS offers a robust, ready, and reasonably easy solution.’
    • ‘The principle of proportionality requires the House to consider whether there was a pressing necessity to impose a legal rather than an evidential burden on the accused.’
    • ‘He readily conceded that he did not pay attention to less pressing matters during the fall.’
    • ‘In Bollywood though, there is clearly a section of people who are glad he is using his celebrity status to draw attention to a pressing social cause.’
    • ‘Nowadays, Congress desperately needs to turn its attention to the pressing issues of national security and the economy.’
    • ‘Throughout the conference, our Cuban colleagues called attention to the pressing need for printed matter - journals and textbooks.’
    • ‘The media's attention was diverted away from the pressing agenda of how to help the region's poor break the cycle of poverty.’
    • ‘Ultimately it is designed to cover up the social causes of crime, to divert attention from the pressing issues of unemployment, homelessness and related social ills.’
    • ‘For professionals accustomed to finding quick resolutions to pressing financial challenges, that can be frustrating.’
    • ‘The nations of the world, after the first world war, realized the pressing necessity for a world peace organization.’
    • ‘Most pertinent among them is the country's economic situation, which has wiped out people's savings and focused their attention on more pressing matters.’
    • ‘Those marches benefited from looming battles that trained participants' attention on a pressing matter at hand.’
    • ‘With such a pressing need for quick diagnoses, ‘a rapid, accurate and sensitive pen-side test would be helpful,’ says Bostock.’
    • ‘Perhaps she isn't the only celebrity distracting the public's attention from the pressing issues at hand.’
    • ‘Moreover, other pressing concerns dominated the attention of the time period.’
    • ‘The Government has been accused of targeting the drinks industry unfairly to divert public attention from more pressing issues.’
    • ‘After all, there are only two ways to divert the attention of the international community from the more pressing and immediate problems of abject hunger and poverty.’
    • ‘The finance ministers do not have any immediately pressing issues to discuss, unlike at some meetings in the past.’
    urgent, critical, crucial, acute, desperate, serious, grave, dire, drastic, burning, extreme, life-and-death
    important, of the utmost importance, high-priority, pivotal, critical, crucial, compelling, demanding, necessary, key, vital
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    1. 1.1 Expressing something strongly or persistently.
      ‘a pressing invitation’
      • ‘But the pressing darkness, the incessant bass thumping of her heart…’
      • ‘Once you've determined how much to tip, the next pressing question is: when?’
      • ‘She says she won't come back to California, nor will she go to France despite a pressing invitation.’
      • ‘It is unusual in our time to hear or read someone declare that conscience tells them to change their strongest beliefs and sacrifice their most pressing desires.’
      • ‘What is needed, as this book shows, is a feeling for the persistence of the past, a pressing curiosity, and a passionate interest in the precise details of place.’
      insistent, persistent, determined, resolute, tenacious, obstinate, dogged, unrelenting, importunate
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  • 1An act or instance of applying force or weight to something.

    ‘pure-grade olive oil is the product of the second or third pressings’
    • ‘Another factor in olive oil quality and character is the type of pressing.’
    • ‘Alternate drying and pressing until books are thoroughly dry.’
    • ‘The grape pulp could be subject to a second pressing, or even, after being soaked for a day, a third, to produce a thin drink for slaves.’
    • ‘Most independent labels manufacture about 5,000 to 20,000 units for the first round of pressing.’
    • ‘Iain describes the scene: the bright, hot estate, the straw hats, the flagons filling while Mestre Alabaça watches his art going forth, not the Mouchão or the Dom Rafael but the traditional pressings, vino currente, the current wine.’
    • ‘It is the largest single location of pressings and full systems engineering in Europe.’
    • ‘This season we have picked enough for one pressing every week, sometimes two pressings.’
    • ‘While one student feeds the leaves into a pressing machine another presses the pedal.’
    • ‘There was just one mill willing to do custom pressing.’
    • ‘Because it locks you into a fluid up and down movement, the Smith machine is an excellent tool for overhead pressing.’
    • ‘There is an association with drunkenness, too, among hundreds of cuckoo-related legends, because it's taken as being the signal for the brewers of apple cider to start drinking the first of last autumn's pressings.’
    • ‘There can be oil, however, from second or even third pressings of the oil.’
    • ‘While the long-term effects of nightly cornea pressing are unknown, the lenses are considered to be safe.’
    • ‘Shiraz grapes ready for the new pressing at Dindiloa Wines.’
    • ‘Hot isostatic pressing of aluminum castings reduces porosity and can thus decrease the scatter in mechanical properties.’
    • ‘Borage Oil is extracted from the seeds of borage by first cold pressing.’
  • 2A record or other object made by the application of force or weight.

    • ‘And I came in with a new Trammps record on a Friday, so I said ‘Dominic, I really got to get some test pressings of this.’’
    • ‘All records issued with picture covers unless stated. Test pressings are w/o picture covers unless stated.’
    • ‘After scrimping and saving more pennies, we mustered the low budget to get some promotional pressings done.’
    • ‘It's another pressing from the Paramount Trek mold.’
    • ‘The sonics, a major improvement over the original harsh and thin-sounding early digital pressings, warrant repurchase for those who love these performances.’
    • ‘Floor pressings, suspension units, engines and transmissions were much the same and the maker could ring changes with the bodywork.’
    • ‘The first 20,000 pressings came with a Star of David pendant.’
    • ‘The next stage is the manufacture of machines that Vestex are putting out that will allow people to make their own vinyl pressings.’
    • ‘Surman had gathered a few of his mates for a farewell jam session in an East End recording studio, and though a few test pressings were made, the master tapes were lost for over 30 years.’
    • ‘Early pressings of Working for the Man include a second disc of B-sides and rarities that greatly enhances the collection's appeal.’
    1. 2.1 A series of objects pressed at one time.
      ‘the EP sold out its first pressing in one day’
      • ‘Parton's first singles, released in pressings of only a few hundred copies, went out under the name the Go!’
      • ‘He also granted an injunction effectively banning future use of that part of the lyric which infringed copyright, and preventing any new pressings of the recording.’
      • ‘After that pressing, strict black and white was used, and most versions looked like something produced on a gas station copy machine.’
      • ‘For the original pressing, the band requested the flames look orange, and as a result, the entire cover was printed orange on white.’