Definition of presser foot in English:

presser foot


  • The footplate of a sewing machine which holds the material down on to the part which feeds it under the needle.

    • ‘To pivot, stop with the needle in the fabric before lifting the presser foot.’
    • ‘This eliminates having to raise and lower the presser foot.’
    • ‘The trapezoid motion moves squarely with relation to the presser foot to improve fabric feeding, ply pairing and stitch formation.’
    • ‘If the fabric layers begin to creep, lift the presser foot and the needle.’
    • ‘When straight-stitch seaming, gently stretch the fabric in front of and behind the presser foot as you sew.’
    • ‘Use the edge of the presser foot as your guide for spacing the rows.’
    • ‘Raise the presser foot and again pull the thread off the stitch finger, angling the fabric back to the left.’
    • ‘Or run the edge of your presser foot along the first line of stitching when you do the second.’
    • ‘Insert the shirt front under the presser foot with the wrong side facing up.’
    • ‘I simply held the fabric tight front and back of the presser foot and let the machine do its work.’
    • ‘Lower the presser foot and stitch to the tuck raw edges.’
    • ‘To avoid stretching the neckline curves while stitching, place a finger behind the presser foot to hold back the fabric.’
    • ‘If not using a pintuck foot, use a zigzag presser foot with a wide opening.’
    • ‘Raise the presser foot and carefully pull the skirt out of the machine to the left of the presser foot.’
    • ‘Leave the needle in the fabric, raise the presser foot and close the zipper.’
    • ‘Pull the looper threads through to the presser foot.’
    • ‘Use the presser foot as a guide when serging straight lines.’
    • ‘With the needle down in the fabric, lift the presser foot and turn the fabric 90 degrees.’
    • ‘To eliminate slippage while sewing, use a flat-bottom presser foot and increase the presser-foot pressure.’
    • ‘A presser foot with an open toe and a wide groove on the bottom allows the foot to glide over the satin stitches.’


presser foot

/ˈprɛsə ˌfʊt/