Definition of press gallery in English:

press gallery


  • A place reserved for journalists observing the proceedings in a parliament or law court.

    • ‘I have found people, even in the press gallery, who believe that this is just about the closure of some small rural schools.’
    • ‘The Speaker would find it unacceptable, as would the press gallery, and every parliamentarian.’
    • ‘He first ensured that party cadres vacated the press gallery so that the members from the Fourth Estate had a hassle free time to cover the meeting.’
    • ‘It is understood that while Woods is in South Africa, he will also address the parliamentary press gallery in Cape Town.’
    • ‘Maybe that explains the story which, as a press gallery journo for 12 years, most shocked me yesterday.’
    • ‘This trial will be worth watching, and the star reporter in the press gallery even more so.’
    • ‘He climbed up 20 rows into the press gallery and sat by me.’
    • ‘Most tellingly, he's been granted official accreditation to the parliamentary press gallery in Canberra.’
    • ‘The rebels also knew that the reporters in the press gallery had C-SPAN on all the time.’
    • ‘From the press gallery it was unclear what exactly the subject of the conversation with the tie was, although statistics seemed to figure prominently.’
    • ‘The reporters in the press gallery raised their cameras in anticipation.’
    • ‘The recent phenomenon or trend has been to wait until the press gallery has gone and then to sneak down to this House and give a personal explanation setting the record right.’
    • ‘I feel this has more relevance in the parliamentary press gallery than it does with the rest of us!’
    • ‘Looking down from the press gallery on to the Scottish Parliament's debating chamber is like watching a stage from the gods.’
    • ‘At a reception in the press gallery dining room, Philippa, who wants to be a journalist, said she felt strongly about the lack of communication in modern life.’
    • ‘Almost everybody was here in the press gallery - or anybody who could make any claim to journalistic importance.’
    • ‘Later I worked for Cocoa Today (now Florida Today) and was able to see several launches from the press gallery.’
    • ‘For the media in general, and the parliamentary press gallery in particular, leadership fights instantly become the main game.’
    • ‘Speculation has now switched to September 4; after all, you can't have a press gallery without early election talk.’
    • ‘Just last week a press gallery journalist, in the context of my not seeking re-election, asked me whether I felt I was a failure as a politician.’


press gallery