Definition of press cutting in English:

press cutting


  • A paragraph or short article cut out of a newspaper or magazine.

    • ‘Memorabilia from both clubs will be on show including press cuttings, team sheets and photographs.’
    • ‘A short description of their professional career together with any press cuttings or advertisements of their work should also be included.’
    • ‘Start the day with the weekend press cuttings - usual mix of good, not so good and utterly bizarre.’
    • ‘I show him a press cutting with the quote circled. ‘Oh well,’ he says. ‘I must have had four beers at the time.’’
    • ‘If history is based on press cuttings, then his contribution to Scottish football will not be fondly remembered.’
    • ‘A survey of old press cuttings reveals a certain flexibility when it came to telling interviewers their real ages.’
    • ‘Taylor is particularly proud of his dad and has taken his press cuttings into school to show his friends.’
    • ‘Using the yellow pages, I found the families whose names I had seen in press cuttings and picked up the phone.’
    • ‘Please provide copies of each press cutting referred to, together with the dates upon which each was published.’
    • ‘I use A5 notebooks from art shops, which have beautiful plain paper for drawings, words, photos and useful press cuttings.’
    • ‘I remember seeing her scrapbook of press cuttings from the tournament, which has a picture of her smashing the ball into the roof of the goal’
    • ‘Blowing the dust off a thick file of press cuttings, Linda said there was a couple of lives' worth of personal memorabilia in there.’
    • ‘All of these quotes were perfectly genuine and he could flourish a handful of press cuttings to prove it.’
    • ‘She was according to the press cuttings implicated in some way because she received a criminal sentence in relation to the matter.’
    • ‘When she returned from Germany last autumn, having won the World Mountain Running Trophy, the press cuttings didn't amount to much.’
    • ‘When he was finally allowed to receive some post while languishing in his Calcutta cell, he was surprised to read the press cuttings he was sent.’
    • ‘Profile writing is a much-debased art, especially in newspapers which rely on a few press cuttings and instant opinions.’
    • ‘We're just looking back through the last eighteen months or so of press cuttings, and trying to spot exactly what form this prioritization has taken.’
    • ‘During the search police are said to have found a collection of newspaper press cuttings about the worm and the havoc it had caused.’
    • ‘We were talking about the case and the press cutting and then this other guy asked, ‘Why were you caught?’’


press cutting